Preparing Future Ready Students

The issues we face in our society are too big and too complicated. We don't have all the answers. What we do have is confidence that solutions exists. Also, the knowledge that we can create a new generation of people capable of solving what our own generation hasn't yet managed. We just need to help them practice radically new, world-changing ways of thinking about problems.

The way learning used to happen is someone would go to school, learn the content from an expert, then use that knowledge for a job for the rest of his or her life. But that's not how careers work anymore. Learning is now a constant practice, where everyone is required to take on new skills all the time. We need to show that we're constantly exploring and growing.

Code N Motion will help students develop skills that will prepare them as technology changes. They will understand the front end and back end of the World Wide Web as they explore “Web Technology”. They will learn languages that's common across any platform as they study “Coding”. They will also learn how to start and run a business as they study “Entrepreneurship”. They will understand how to market their business in “Digital Marketing”. Furthermore, they will develop effective communication skills and business etiquette as they explore “Professional Networking”.  



Students Will Develop Skills In The Following Areas