Everyone knows networking is important; to find a job, to get a promotion, or for a business connection.  A strong professional network extends your sphere of opportunity far beyond your direct contacts. Opportunities often arise as a result of one-off meetings, in which one of your direct contacts is meeting with someone you don’t even know.  In this course, students will cover the following:

  • Business Etiquette                   
  • Learning how to make a great impression.
  • Conveys confidence and self-respect.
  • Professional Appearance
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Body Language
  • Starting a business networking event
  • Effective communication skills
  • Where to go for network opportunities
  • Refining personal brand

“Regardless of how much education, talent, experience, or intellect you possess, poor manners can cause you to be passed over for business and career opportunities”—Cindy Byrd

Success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85% on social skills and 15% on technical knowledge, according to three separate studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute.

Missteps in any business situation can severely tarnish your reputation and ruin your relationship with others. This course will help students to learn ways to communicate more effectively, gain the competitive advantage, polish their personal brand, and acquire more confidence in business and social situations.