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The Impact


Web Design/Development

App Development


Digital Marketing

Social Skills

In Motion

Students will develop new ways

of thinking that can help solve

problems in new and exciting

ways.  It is our desire to take 

students from being consumer

of technology and make them

into creators of technology.

Web Technology

Students will explore the concepts

surrounding the technology that's used to create and run the Web. They will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages.  They will understand the process involved in hosting, serving, and rendering



Students will learn the fundamentals of starting a business.  They will explore tools needed to run a business, ranging from generating and vetting a business idea, crafting an intitial business plan and financial model, building a team. In addition, they will learn how to market their business. 

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Anyone can learn to code. See what President Obama, Chris Bosh, and Steve Jobs have to say about Coding!


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